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You don't know what you've got till it's gone

Years ago Maybe (1975 or something like that) I had a 14 watt Watkins Westminster with a tremelo made in around '62, which I got from a mate in the pub for the price of a pint of beer. The internal 10" Elac speaker sounded rubbish, so I rebuilt it into a bigger cab with a 15" Altec and it sounded awesome. Gigged it for a while but it was just too small, so I ended up with a 50W Marshall Artist combo (which I don't pine for) and said goodbye to my lovely little amp, and sold it for fifteen quid (without the Altec)

Now a lot older and surrounded by lots of nice grown up and mainly Fender amps, I was kind of pining for my little Westminster, as it had (in my head) the most amazing overdrive sound that I couldn't quite get, and then one popped up on ebay - all original apart from the case being painted black, which I kind of don't mind as the original turquoise green and blue was never my favorite color combination. So I grabbed it - it needed a bit of work, tubes, caps etc, and things to stop it catching fire, and I guess it has so far probably cost me the equivalent of a swimming pool of beer.

After all that, did it meet the expectations of the sound in my head? Actually not really, little and a bit boxy - and the 10" Elac still sounds rubbish................

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