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The Strats

From left to right Front Row

90's US Standard Strat, unmodified part from the Gilmour black switch, It was the first Strat I bought and acts as a benchmark for what a strat it supposed to be. Many of the builds have surpassed it.

The only Lefty Strat that I have and actually the most recent, Right hand neck of unknown pedigree but probably a Squier Affinity, Tex Mex pickups. Been playing this one a lot.

The Fast Eddie Clark Tribute, Gold plated plate, Dimarzio in the bridge and Fender 57/62's for the neck and bridge. oiled body (nut oil rather than Eddies linseed oil finish). Light loud and Fast

The White One - started as a Bullet, US std pickups, bit beaten up but is probably the best of the lot - not bad for Fifty Quid!

Rear Row left to right

Tortoiseshell Red Strat, Gold plated Gibson 57 in the bridge again with 57/62's in middle and neck. For some reason this guitar makes you want to play funk for no apparent reason.

Black on Black Strat. Everything on this guitar is black , even the tremelo springs. the pickups are FEnder Deluxe Drives. Indonesian neck. It's a real light guitar that you can play for hours.

The Decoy, built out of bits lying around to leave in the shed to keep interlopers away from the good stuff. It even plays

The Red Forgotten Strat - cant remember where this one came from or what the parts are but it has one of those odd graphite nuts on it

Then there is Bling. the most expensive part was the paint. finished in Goldtop paint. Loaded scratchplate cost Seven Quid. Was the original shed decoy but I kept taking it off the wall and fiddling with it and its now up there wit hthe rest.

The Jazz Bass, chord body, Fender Mexican Neck, work in progress and decent set of pickups are called for. Good player tho.

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