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The Teles

From Left to Right

The Carved Tele, body from a Custom Builder in Poland, a Mexican Fender neck which has had the truss rod replaced and the neck un-banana-ed A '63 Rowe Goldfoil pickup in the neck and a Fender Vintage Hotrod pickup in the bridge, Brass Control Plate, Knobs and Bridge from Armadillo. 4 way switching with an additional straight through switch

Squire Classic Vibe, which is the guitar that started my love of the Telecaster much the same spec as the carved Tele but with a P90 in the neck along with the bridge '52 Hotrod.

The All Black bound Tele, everything is black even the Tuners. the donor body was a Chord but the neck is an Indonesian made Fender, again with a P100 in the neck with coil drop and straight thru wiring and a TexMex i nthe Bridge positon.

Next at the rear is the "Accidental Tele" which was built from a box of bits acquired on ebay,. I looks like it has been dragged behind a truck but it plays brilliantly. Unknown neck , unknown body and bits from the shed including a Baja Bridge pickup and Epi 57 in the Neck. Amazing what comes out sometimes when you don't try.

The White One. Another unknown ebay body with a proper (ish) Indonesian neck on it and the original pickups and hardware from the Classic Vibe - again a keeper.

A Thinline Tele - a Revelation body with a Classic vibe neck on it fitted with some custom Armadillo brass hardware and a pair of P90s - is far heavier than it looks, but its no fun if everything is always the same

The Black Plywood Tele with an unknown neck, probably a Squire Affinity. Again a 63 DeArmond Rowe Silverfoil pick up coupled with a Baja Broadcaster. This is a guitar that shouldn't work but simply does.

Rear right, bit of a Knockabout really - fat neck, oiled body and some cheap humbuckers - lives in open C tuning and is set up for slide.

And then there is the Barncaster - saw a guy building these on ebay as asked him for just a left body and he obliged. The neck is again an Indonesian Fender. The single pickup is an odd tele shaped Chinese humbucker which kind of works on this guitar with the coils in series for maximum volume

And then way over at the back is what started off as the Plank lapsteel made out of a bit of 4x2 which has now become the Double Plank Pedal Steel - still learning how to tune it tho.........

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