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The Vox AC 30

So one day, myself and Jon were coming back from lunch and we just happened to be passing Guitar Guitar in Camden. The conversation was sort going along the lines of "I need some strings" which then turned into "Come on then, lets go in and have a look"

Sensing an imminent day of escalation, we pushed opened the double doors like Gunslingers entering the Saloon, such was the lunch, and entered the world that is Guitar Guitar. Immediately in front of us in pride of place, sitting on a little plinth, was this rather lovely looking Vox AC30. "You haven't got one of those" says Jon before disappearing off to look at a Shiny Shiny Tele that had grabbed his attention.

So there I am, staring at this amp, and perhaps even one of those touchy touchy moments with a little stroke occurred. Noticing this scene of immaculate tranfixation unfolding before his eyes, the Shop Manager wanders over and says "do you want to try it". "NO" I say " I just want to have the back off it to see whats in it". Instantly two more shop guys appear with screwdrivers in hand and attack the screws. I glance at a smirking Jon who is deeper in the store running his hands over the strings of a Tele that neither of us could afford. Back off, hand inside, and there it is. A GZ34 instantly recognisable by touch - the Holy Grail of Vox AC 30s - the original circuit. My other hand is fumbling finger trembling for my card and I hand it over with the words "Just run this through the machine", Entering the pin I asked "How much?" but too late the number was in. "Shall I help you carry it to the Car" they said, but the office is just over the road.

Total elapsed time from entering the shop less than 2 minutes.

At that point a minor semblance of common sense prevailed. Realising that I had just bought the World's best 30 watt Combo that weighs in at something like 70 Lbs and still recovering from a Double Hernia operation, there was no way that I was going to be able to carry it the 100yds across the main road to the office.

Well it was Jon's fault anyway...................................

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