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The Three Amigos

Updated: Dec 11, 2017

So this is where the story starts to escalate a little, but not spiral wildly out of control (well not yet anyway that, comes later).

I had been building some Strat Partscasters, which i'll put up in a separate gallery in a while. You can knock up a basic Strat for around fifty quid from parts scavenged on ebay, and if they fit then perhaps invest in them a little - decent pickups etc and some good guitars pop out that way. Well I had picked up this great Strat neck of unknown pedigree, which now sits to this day on one of my all time favorite guitars, from a really nice guy called Ben who I met on ebay - hand delivered to my Office and everything. So a few weeks later he gave me a call and said he was in Town and had a couple of Necks with him could he swing by. Naturally I bought them and was now the proud owner of a couple of Chinese tele necks (purists note the little t) amid the sniggers from the rest of the office saying "when is your dealer coming round again then". You have to understand at this point in that my office is perhaps a little unusual in that it has a Hammond in it, six Leslies (5 in the basement along with the Dual Showman Cabs) at least 10 Fender Amps and a Guitar stashed under every desk. We don't get visitors often.

A few weeks later I was browsing the web in an odd moment and came across this cheap Sunburst Left Handed Chord guitar - tele shaped, bound alder body and looked like a suitable donor for an experiment in the way in which Left Handed necks are set (usually by right handed people) into guitar bodies that I had been thinking about and I will develop this in a later post.

At this stage there was no plan and I was just picking up Tele/tele parts on a whim along with Strat parts on the basis that maybe some of them might match and fit together and I might get a couple of playable guitars out of them and it was from this casual browsing that the third one popped up with that buy me now speech bubble appearing as if by magic, so my finger slipped, and I now had a Thinline body under the desk.

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