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The Rest of the Collection

From Left to Right


Epiphone Dot with added P90 in the mid position with the Alvin Lee wiring of an extra volume control and the jack socket moved to the side

The Byrdland - well not a real one - a Chinese import stripped back to the wood with a new tailpiece, genuine Grover Tuners, new bone nut, new electrics, Gibson 57 Classic pickups and a shiny new heavyweight tailpiece. All finished in gold of course.

Gibson SG standard - 2000 'ish, un modified apart from flipping the pickup magnets for the Peter Green out of phase sound - the only really ambidextrous guitar and it is perfect.

The 1962 Harmony Meteor, acquired from Lemmy years ago and made playable again. New tuners, Original Rowe industries pickups, Kluson Tailpiece to replace the seized Bigsby.

An odd Les Paul sized 175 copy, Gibson 57 in the Neck position and an Epi 57 in the Bridge.

A Les Paul Copy, originally a Westfield that arrived covered in gunk and graffiti. Cleaned up nicely, Epi 57 pickups (I bought a box full cheap), new pots switch and caps and a decent set of tuners on it - a good player

The Danelectro - all standard, apart from a Bridge upgrade - lives in a C tuning and you would never believe that a guitar that is so light can sound so Heavy. Especially nice sounding through the Sovtek.

A CMI les Paul - this is the Chicago Musical Instruments CMI rather than the Milton Keynes CMI. Bought as a hulk and is fitted with Gibson P100s with a coil drop switch for that extra muscle. Real Gold Grovers on it and a Kluson tailpiece as the holes were out of position for a std stoptail.

A Cheap Electro Classical guitar - I always wanted a Gibson Chet but there aren't that many Lefties around. Fun to have, and it makes you play different tunes

My Hawk Acoustic which I bought in about 1967 - it was old and second hand then, and was fitted with a Deamond pickup - sounds lovely plugged in and surprisingly "acoutsicy"

The much modified Danelectro Doubleneck. Converted from a righty, I reversed the necks (that was a fun job) wired it in my own way and was sacreligious and put a set of Epi Humbuckers on the six string side.

And right on the end a "Chickenbacker" 12 String, bought cheaply on ebay, The neck came away in my hand when I pulled it out of the box, so that got reset properly. It's a work in progress at the moment but has some potential.

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