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The Story So Far

Updated: Jan 9, 2018

The story so far Clockwise from the top left

The Original blonde Classic Vibe Squire fitted with Gibson P90 neck pickup matched with a Vintage Hotrod at the bridge. Complimented by Armadillo Brass hardware. Left hand pots rewire with a 4 way Emerson style selector with an additional control bypass switch.

The Nashville - chunky RH neck with a slight Left Hand offset - All Squire Hardware and Pickups including middle pickup (guess where they came from) 5way Strat type selector switch with a bridge and neck toggle switch placed between the pots.

The Thinline, Slim Classic Vibe neck, Dual Gibson P90 pickups. Once again Armadillo Hardware with heavy duty knurled knobs. Left hand modern non interactive Les Paul type 4 pot electronics with dual black bee caps to round it off. This guitar maintains the neck offset which has become a staple of the lefty/righty builds along with the RH Necks.

The Black on Black. Medium Neck. Baja Broadcaster in the bridge position and a Gibson P90 in the neck as a pickup combination, but this time with a RH bridge route to pull the treble pickup into a more conventional position in relation to the strings - again with a left hand 4 way wiring scheme with control bypass switch. Quite a heavy guitar with a traditional three saddle bridge and Nickel Hardware.

The Development Guitar - Oiled basewood, dual Humbuckers, with a removable fat bolt on neck and chopped bridge with individual saddles. 500k LH electronics with a control bypass switch.

Will the sixth one be the perfect one? Maybe or maybe not, but it is going to be different............

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