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The Shed in the Sky

Otherwise known as the Attic.

There is a family tradition that when the money passes down through the generations, you have a Holiday and a New Roof. The house had needed a new roof since the day we moved in, and after 30 years of bodging and patching, it was time to finally have it done properly.

I had got quotes in for doing a full loft extension, but it was hard to justify the expense and if I was honest, we really didn't need any more bedrooms and bathrooms with only two of us in the house most of the time. But I had my eyes on a playroom for a home studio and somewhere to put all of the Guitars and other paraphernalia and there was only so much space in the Shed. So the idea of the Sky Shed was born

So while we were having the roof done we added some Velux windows and I had the roofing company's Chippie put in some serious extra joists across the supporting walls of the house to support a full structural floating floor There were already stairs up to the loft - old and rickedy, so those were replaced, and it was a fairly easy job to then board it and clad it - not domestic habitable space but a practical storage area - It even grew another floor so the loft now has a loft!

And then the lockdown happened just as I was finishing it, and having removed 10 tons of accumulated junk from the office, there was somewhere to put all of the remainder. Not quite as originally intended, it has now become the MCR and network hub for all of the Live shows and Stuff we do for work. The SSL Console frame I had restored is now full of video kit rather than all of the nice audio kit I had imagined putting in there, although there is still enough play space left

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