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The Country Club Rides Again

Way way back in the depths of my Misspent Youth, it was my Honor to have served as a member of the Country Club. This most exclusive of clubs had a membership of four - Ron Eve, Joop de Korte, the late and great Peter Brewis, and myself, and was otherwise known as the Dire Straits Stage Crew - Ron looked after the keyboards, Joop looked after the drums (as well as playing percussion) Pete looked the Guitars (including that National) and I looked after the Backline Amps. There are many stories and many of which can never be told....

Over the years we have sporadically kept in touch - events come round, sometimes happy, sometimes sad, but the links to those times are still there and get picked up when we meet and the years fall away.

Now Events have conspired, so that pretty much for the Whole of July, I am going to be sitting at home (which really means sitting in the shed fiddling with guitars) so I have pinged my mails out for entertaining at home and Ron naturally being the entertain-able person he is, came back with "I've got these great Pickups from the Guvnor - lets build a Guitar".

hmm I thought :) Yip

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