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The Bananacaster

Updated: Jan 22, 2019

I have written about this guitar before, but it has come on quite a ways over the last year, and has now has got incorporated into it every good element of the builds before, as part of the quest to build the Ultimate upside down Left Handed Telecaster - this one is getting really close.

The Fender Neck (yes this is a real one, proper radius and everything) is back from Jack's Instrument Services up in Manchester and they have done a stunning job, not only taking the neck completely apart, fret board off and everything, to replace the broken truss rod, but also flattening it out along the way - it was a real bananacaster curved neck which is why the original truss rod failed in the first place!

A new neck pickup also came along, one of my favorite 60's Rowe Industries gold foils usually found as DeArmonds on early Harmony Meteors, and the chrome was stripped back to the metal base, so it now has a Brass finish to match the rest of the hardware on the Guitar perfectly. It was brilliantly rewound by Seb the pickup man - this is now the third or fourth one of these he has done for me, and they match the originals to a tee - I have one of the originals and one of his rewinds on an original frame fitted to a Meteor, and you can't tell them apart.

As part of fitting the pickup, to relieve some weight from the body (I am getting older), there is now a swimming pool route under the pickguard, which itself is a work of art - ably built by Jack from Bakerlite on the original 5 hole standard to accommodate the Rowe.

The rest of it - body carved by a guy in Poland, some nice real 19:1 Kluson Tuners and Armadillo Brass Hardware and my own twist on a 4 way Tele switch set up with an additional toggle to bypass the controls so it can go flat out and scream, make it a very unique guitar.

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