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The Amps

I seem to have um acquired rather a lot of amps in recent years, The Classic Deluxe Reverb and the Supersonic - the best 22 watt Fenders ever made, and then of course the Classic Vox AC 30 and the early 60's Watkins Westminster.

All have found their way into the Loft along with a couple of 4x12s, a Fender Acoustasonic and a nice little bass rig. I never seem to get round to getting a Marshall and always seem to get diverted, hence the Sound City and the Mig 25 but its coming sometime.

There are lots more though, but I started to get worried about the load on the floor, so there are some stashed under the stairs and a whole bunch more in the Shed along with the Dual Showman and Leslie Cabinets, oh yes and the PA system....................

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