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The Accidental Telecaster

Updated: Aug 25, 2018

So I was um buying this package of parts - which I guess really amounted to a couple of guitars all in bits, and as part of this there was a well beaten up LH telecaster body. Now it was surprisingly light, and the one guitar I don't have is a throw around light Telecaster, and since at the moment I'm still recuperating and still not allowed to pick up heavy things, and I only have a couple of Strats that fit that bill, it sort of seemed a logical thing to get this one up onto the bench.

The accompanying neck was a bit rubbish, but I just happened to have a badged up Squier neck sitting in one of the boxes in the Shed with some decent Kluson Tuners, and with a bit of persuasion it dropped right in there - an afternoon's work and it has strings on it and everything.

Really not sure what I am going to do with this one - its too marked up for a proper paint job without a huge amount of filling and sanding which doesn't really fit the "Knocked up Tele" ethos - I am driven by laziness, so maybe I will just leave the body as it is.

With a bit more shimming (and shoving), it is going to be very playable - it does needs the bridge changing out and changing to string thru body setup to make it a bit more solid, but its a bit of a weird size, so that may be a custom job from Michael at Armadillo in Texas, or perhaps one of the Modern Gotoh bridges - just not sure if the guitar warrants the expense yet, as I haven't quite got the feel of it.

It will have a rewire, and that will be with a 4 way switch (as there is one in the drawer) but maybe I'll do a twist or two on it with a 5 way. With pickups what's on it currently are very dull and average average so maybe this time a Broadcaster or high output Vintage bridge pickup with a Humbucker in the neck, (hey std stock Tele - haven't done that in a while!) although I do still have a few P90s sitting in one of the boxes, but that is kind of like more of the same and the exercise on this guitar needs to be a bit of a variation - different guitars for different tunes.

Its a totally unplanned Guitar so it will be interesting to see what direction it takes off in.

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