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Updated: Dec 13, 2017

On the Nashville I had dropped a switch onto the Control Plate to give me the Gilmour Black Switch Equivalent, but in reality it was simply restoring the std middle position of both neck and bridge that was missing on a 5 way, but it did feel like comfortable place. I had been thinking along the lines of push pulls but to me that sort of takes away from the overall simple feel - its a Tele not a Superstrat with bits popping out all over the place.

I had been thinking about pot values for the Vintage Hotrod P90 Hybrid setup on the Squire and with a conventional two knob Tone and Volume wiring set up there is no way you can get it right for both, so I was beginning to think about what would happen if you didn't have them in the way at all and get rid of all of that loading - did it in the past on Strat bridge pickups so you had pickup wire amp - boom time for take off.

At the time I was on the hunt for some P90 Dogear shims just to give them a little more kick just short of their saturation point against the strings (and there are times where I like them past that point but I'll come to that later) and I came across the Guys at Lollar pickups who not only had what I wanted but also had this dynamite section on their site with the mods that one of their guys was coming up with one of which was simplicity in itself - just drop the ground off on the bottom of the volume control and it doesn't matter what value the pot is as its effectively out of circuit. Do it via a switch and all of a sudden all of these new tones just jump out of the guitar. The depth of the changes is very much affected by the input impedance of your amp, but though my Deluxe and Supersonic the results were just awe inspiring. Now whether the tone circuit is completely removed depends on how you lay out your grounds and again it's a very different palette either way and one of personal choice. Maybe there is something to do here with an on/off/on miniature toggle switch that might be interesting to do.(writes that down for later)

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