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Updated: Dec 15, 2017

So now I had this great place to go and play with guitars, the first build was done - it was a guitar - it played! it did stuff! it even made noises when I plugged it in! but I had no reference points.

The way I tend to judge guitars is to play them then pick up another one and play that and really to work on comparisons - sure they are all different and some make me happy and some make me sad and so you work on the sad ones till you are happy but occasionally you get these sparks of did it just do that? Different guitars make you play differently as well as having their own particular character and that's also part of it. A lesson I learnt standing stage left and watching Knopfler play every night for a couple of years.

So it was time to get some more guitars into the Shed - did I really l need three Strats in the office? not really, I had no Gibsons at home or Teles in the office come to think of it (this had been building up for a while as you can guess) So it was time to shift some of the stuff across town. So when you are building all these little bits appear, a little bag of bridges or pickups shows up and the odd body and neck appears every week or so but not quite the same and the domestic alerts are different and there are only so many flowers you can buy when another guitar case appears in the hall (and the voice came over my shoulder "I buy my own now")

How do you do it - I moved the secure tool store from the office to the Shed. Next stop the Garden Centre to go and put plenty of flowers in the bed outside.

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