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Sparks Fly

Updated: Dec 11, 2017

So having now got this great guitar, to complete it, it needed a little bit of thought to get the Electrics right. I had fitted one of the Emerson 4 way kits to a friend's Tele and liked the result, so that determined the direction. Problem was availability of kit and parts.. The skills didn't worry me, the only course I think I every passed was my Wireman and Workshop training when i was a lab technician at Ferrograph in my youth, working on Studio Tape Machines and being the muscle to row the boat in Teddington Lock when we tested the Sonar units for the North Sea rigs.

So I again went on the hunt for kits and parts around the boutique builders looking for a supply of anti-log pots (audio taper but going in the opposite direction). Pot manufacture being a larger scale game, even the specialists, whilst interested, hadn't got the volume of sales to justify the build economics, and then I came across one from CTS - ideal. Only available as a split splined rather than solid quarter inch shaft but easily fixed with Pot bushes. Gives you a slight problem on getting heavy duty collet Barrel head knobs to sit correctly but Armadillo again came to the rescue on that but that's another story.

So having found the part, I then needed the source, and came across a really good supplier in the form of CG Guitars down in South London and delving through his site came up with everything I needed and more - great selection of quality caps as well as things like Oak Grigsby switches. An Alladins cave.

I hunted down some 4 way diagrams and after a little confusion got what was to become my Build Standard together. Needs some selection of parts especially on the volume control occasionally adding trimming resistors on 500 k pots rather than 250 k (trimmed 330 k is what I really like but you can't get them left handed) This was to get the law to feel correct. The P90 needed a grounding mod to get the Series wiring to work. With a bit (a lot actually) of care and attention you can get it up there on a level with the boutique guys and then you can start to throw some twists which is where it starts to get really interesting.

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