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Second Lockdown Leftie

This is the latest strat - partscaster and the Second one of my Lockdown Leftie series of builds.

It's also another one of the fifty quid strats - £25 e-bay bid on a body and same on a neck - if you win you win - sometimes they go together well and sometimes they end up as decoys on the workshop wall to keep people away from the good stuff, or maybe now it is time for some of them to be given away for friends' kids to learn on.

This particular one is exceptional - the initial build used the junk tuners that were on the neck, (that somebody had already started to work on), and the junk pickups that were on the plate, but it setup well and after a fret level and dress the overall geometry of it turned out really well with a nice low action.

So rummaging around in the big box of Strat parts (there is a big Tele box too) I found I had some Tex Mex pickups and a wired LH plate complete with the Gilmour black switch, plus a set of RH locking tuners and moved some other parts off some other guitars that didn't merit having them.

A nice guitar albeit a weird spec (but its my spec) with a RH neck on a LH body strung right handed but that's how I play.

It's not a looker, but it sounds great and gets played a lot, so it is my current favourite (but isn't every fresh build!)

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