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Back at work again and picking up on projects that have been dormant while I have been at home for a while. I must admit that I am a sucker for Leslie Cabinets but they are a big big and a bit unwieldy so this project is about trying to make a Leslie as compact as possible.

The donor cabinet was an HH 1x15 Bass Bin and with the baffle board removed, it was possible to drop the Leslie Rotor assembly from an old Hammond L100 series organ that I had salvaged for parts leaving enough space for a 10" JBL speaker behind it.

To make the motor control safe, I canabalied the electronics Chassis from another Leslie and added mains relays and a 24 volt power supply, so the control is low voltage for on/low/high speed out to the pedal board.

To give it a little twist, I added a parallel out connector for the AC motors, so one controller can control the speed of multiple Leslies (and I do have more than one ...........)

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