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Power in the Shed

We finally got some proper power in the Shed and that can only mean one thing COLD BEER :)

The shed now been finished for a couple of years and has produced a lot of guitars and a lot of good times, but has all been running from an extension lead running down the garden from the kitchen (wired into the back of the washing machine) - worked just fine for all the lights amps and tools but not quite enough power to be able take the chill off in Winter or add the required chill to the drinks in Summer.

As we were in lockdown (still are really) and no other work could be done on the house, we were going to re-do the kitchen, but that plan had to be abandoned for now, so it felt that it was perhaps time to make a little effort outside in the garden and the weather was great. I had been playing around with Solar power as I had liberated some kit from one of the trucks at work that we were retiring, batteries inverters etc, and that work will continue, but whilst it works fine for Tools and Lights, it doesn't seem to put out quite enough juice, and all of the Amplifiers hum.

I pulled in my old energetic friend Shabs and he spent a week digging this great big long half metre deep trench in the garden (I watched emm I mean supervised) and then we buried this big fat armoured cable and got an electrician in to wire it - all inspected, tested, certificated and all dead right and I have the paperwork to prove it - connected into the old electric cooker point in the kitchen - perfect 30 Amps of clean Power and enough to make a right racket.

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