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Not a Tele

I picked this up as a hulk on Ebay - covered in graffiti which then had a horrible sticky dull coat of lacquer over it and what looked like hammerite paint on the head stock. So a bit of a clean up was needed which took a few weeks.

A lot of wire wooling and t-cutting later, the body and the neck came up properly but the head stock needed stripping right down to the wood and respraying. I then found a mother of pearl type inlay to go on to complete the look.

The hardware is a bit cheap and cheerful and has been lying around for a while, but functions well enough, along with a new set of Grover type Machine heads, and I put in a bone nut as a placemaker but since it plays quite well after a bit of truss rod adjustment, it going off to Wild Guitars in Highgate to have a proper nut job done as it feels like it merits it - with all of these guitars, especially the rescue ones like this, it is about turning them into playable instruments rather than trying to restore them.

I had a pair of Epiphone 57/62 humbuckers in the workshop, so those pickups went onto it along with a proper Switchcraft selector switch and left handed CTS pots with Sprague Orange Drop caps, so the electrics are quite a reasonable spec.

The fret-board is in good shape as is the truss rod works ok so the setup is starting to take shape and am looking forward to doing that once it's back - this one feels like a keeper.

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