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Lock Down Lefties

It's been a while since I have updated this blog and life has taken a few unexpected twists of late. So we found ourselves locked away at home - ooo time on my hands to do cool stuff I thought, but the pressures of sorting out work so things keep running and my people are paid and fed was quite a major undertaking and has taken up the last couple of months but we are now in a position to cruse through this thing for as long as it lasts - done some good stuff though making more space here and bringing all of the "secret" guitars and amps back from the office - Kookie took it well all things considered, which will appear in later posts.

While everyone was out panic buying all the toilet rolls and tinned tomatoes and generally emptying the supermarkets (people do do odd things in a crisis) I did a bit of binge buying myself - 24 sets of strings and a couple of lovely lovely Fender necks and a pair of bodies and they are currently taking shape nicely in the shed - never had a lefty Strat before so intrigued to see what one feels like

More as this progresses

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