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Like a Visit to the Hygenist

Having collected our parts, we started knocking the components into shape - first up the necks. A large collection of six necks all in need of attention. Well played would be one description - but put less politely knackered would be far more accurate.

So the process is first leveling the frets with a stone, and to do that you have to protect the wooden fret board with tape. Once the whole thing is level then the frets have to shaped (or crowned as it is known in the trade) and then cleaned up - the process leaves fine grooves in the frets that need to be smoothed out or the whole thing feels a grindy against the strings - so copious amounts of rubbing with wire wool then very fine grade sandpaper and then polish - very laborious but it does bring a worn neck back to life.

After that treat the rosewood fret-boards with lemon oil to bring the wood back to life and its all set to go onto the body - a nice ultrasonic tool like the hygenist's use would have come in very handy.

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