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Harmony Restored

But not Peace as this one is a Real Rocker.

This is a return to Lemmy's Harmony Meteor I wrote about in the Senior Interlude Post earlier on At that stage I had got as far a making it into a playable Instrument having sorted out the bridge and nut, removing trashed parts like the Bigsby Tremolo and doing a basic rewire. As part of this, I had the original pickup rebuilt (that Lemmy thought was a broken wire) and removed the temporary Gibson P90 Pickup I had on there, and the next step was to try and make it look and feel the part again.

So the hunt was on for some original, or closer to original parts. When the guitar came to me it only had a couple of knobs on it - I managed to find another pair of originals in the US - didn't buy them as the guy wanted $100 each for them, so ultimately found 4 remakes for a tenner in Belgium. The bezel for the Pickup Selector switch I was much luckier with - one of the original diamond ones came up on an ebay auction and I won it for a pound.

I had originally put an Epiphone copy tailpiece on to replace the mangled one, but I spotted that Kluson had just re-issued a heavy tailpieces in Brass, closer to the period, so I grabbed that and with a bit of modification made it fit. The final piece in the jisaw puzzle was changing out the Tuners - on the initial salvage I had dropped on a set of Grover machine heads with nice big Tulip type heads one then - the problem that gave me was that the headstock was so wide (and looked amazing) it wouldn't fit in a guitar case, so I changed them out to more standard metal button Klusons - which to be fair was what it had on it in the first place, but they were siezed!

And the overall effect? The Guitar certainly looks more the part, but most importantly it feels the part.

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