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Floating Floor

Well as its over the bedroom i needed to think about how I could isolate a little amp and screen it off to be miked up - I suppose for recording when I get round to it - so much to do and not enough hours in the day as usual.

Over the years I have done everything from floating concrete blocks and sand filled boxes on proper isolation mounts to paving slabs on neoprene strips. All of them work and isolate the noise at source.

So I thought a contraption was called for - Really simple and knocked up in true fashion one Sunday afternoon - a block of foam, a bit of wood and a bit of carpet. Maybe one day I will do a proper one adding in lead sheets to give it some mass and improve the transient response but it does the job for now. Add a screen that was lying around in the loft , courtesy of one of Victoria's theatre productions, and the job's a good un.

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