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First Tele out of the Traps

From the Country Club batch, the first out of the Traps is a Tele which is now complete - a very nice Black Bound Body from a Left Handed Donor Guitar - solid ash and pretty heavy. I added a Fender Pawnshop Maple Neck with Black Tuners, Knobs. Plate and Bridge rather than my usual Brass for a change giving a pretty much all Black Theme - detailed even down to the screws. It is complemented with a Tex Mex bridge pickup and yet another Gibson P100 neck pickup - my favorite combination, along with 4 way switching volume ground lift and coil drop on the neck pickup to give it that extra lift.

The Scratchplate is a lovely 5 Hole Bakerlite one, courtesy of Jacks Instruments Services up in Manchester and the P100 had its Coil Split done by the guys at Wild Guitars in Highgate - both these guys are turning into my favorites.

Neck shimming was fun on this one - didn't need much - quarter of a degree or so, but once it was on and it had settled, adjusting the truss rod threw it out and. it needed the same amount the other way - a useful exercise. It currently has some stock grooved traditional Brass Saddles on it, but once it has settled more, I have some compensated saddles to play around with to tighten up the intonation if it needs it

Apart from being all Black this is a very dark Guitar and even now plays exceptionally well.

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