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Bedroom Amp & 3rd Lockdown Leftie

Well it's not actually IN the bedroom, it's OVER the bedroom but more of that later.

I needed something quiet - a real misnomer because an Amp is supposed to make things louder which is why they are called Amplifiers, I came across this gem on ebay going for a fraction of what it was worth - A five watt Fender champ with the full Eric Clapton tremolo, discontinued and much sought after. It doesn't have many controls, just volume really, but it has this delightful little switch that reduces the power down to half a watt - absolutely perfect just to plug in a guitar and play with delightful rich distortion at non ear shattering volumes. Adding the short spring Surfy Bear Reverb unit is the perfect match - no pedals required and it has depth of response like no other amp I have ever played - I can see why the studio guys love them.

The guitar is the third of the Lock down Lefties - a Tele this time - same principle, a body found on ebay but this one has an Asian made Fender neck on it, RH of course to maintain the string tensions.

The hardware for it I had lying around in the Shed or was moved off other less worthy guitars, and the pickups are the ones from the original Classic Vibe Tele that started all of this off.

All of the pieces just matched and fitted perfectly, and the guitar went together like a dream

So there it sits plugged in immediately ready to be played, and very playable it is too

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