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An Acoustic Interlude

Updated: Jun 12, 2018

So back at the office where all of the Amp and Pedalboard builds happen, mainly because I can make some real noise there, I came across this 90's Fender Acoustasonic Amplifier - 150 watts or so with all of the filters and resonance controls for acoustic guitars. A bit of a weird amp with its sideways pointing speaker with no internal baffling, giving a really spacious dimension and spread to the Sound

I pulled out my old Hawk acoustic guitar with its De-Armond pickup which I have now owned for some 47 years, still complete with its mother of pearl tuner buttons and it has matured nicely (unlike me!) It was old when I bought it, so hard to guess its age now, but probably sixties.

I ran it up alongside Jon's very nice new Martin - both very good and both very different, but such a nice situation to be in to be able to play both - with guitars, its all about the differences and nuances that make both them, and the playing experience so enjoyable.

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