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All Good Things Must Pass

There seems to be a time when we ultimately have to become the older generation and do things for ourselves and it is always associated with a passing, and at this particular case, sadly it is Wild Guitars in Highgate, my Favorite Music store.

It was the Store that had everything including Dust and in recent years has very much my backstop to get the jobs done that I didn't feel confident in doing myself.

Almost every Guitar I own has got something from there even if it is just Strings and Straps - the RH nut on the LH 335 Dot, the Brass Nut on the Oiled Strat, the Bone Nut on the Sunburst Les Paul, were all done on the little Bench at the back of the Store. They arranged fixes for me and humored me when I asked for weird things like Coil Splits on Gibson P100 pickups and got my old De Armond Pickups rewound - they even bough my Sound City Amp back to life and very much unquestionably going along with the ethos of we deal with this old Gear and get it into a playable condition because we can.

I'll miss them

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