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About the Bass

Well it was this week. The first of the Lockdown Lefties. A lovely Fender Jazz Bazz neck bolted onto a Left Hand Chord body. Have used these as donors in the past - the bound black tele was one and I can't fault them - perhaps a little heavy but solid, resonant and accurate with a very high finishing standard.

The neck was a delight to work on a Fender but Mexican made, It has been well used, but cleaned up nicely. so a fret job and dress was needed. The truss rod worked well and the nut was in good shape. It has all fitted together brilliantly with a nice low action - this is a fast bass Guitar.

Used the stock bridge, brass saddles maybe, but not sure yet. Control wiring has all been changed , CTS pots and an Orange drop cap - yet to decide if the pickups need changing - knowing me I will just because I can, but I'm enjoying it now as it is.

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