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A Slow One

So this particular guitar took a while. A nice dark Wine Red Strat. In its original incarnation it had the Dimarzio SDS humbucker in the bridge, which eventually ended up on the Brass Eddie Clark Tribute Strat (Blong in the previous post) There is something about it that makes you want to play pure Funk - unexplainable really, but it had that sort of feel about the neck (if only that translated to the playing!!)

Now with the Tortoiseshell pickguard on it, it has a much slower vibe about it, and it is perhaps still finding its way a little. The inclusion of the Black on Black Strat with its Fender Deluxe Drive Pickups and Brass Strat with the Dimarzio have upped the game in general of the Strat element of the family, and this one needs a little lift to bring up there with them, so perhaps a swimming pool route under the pickguard to relieve the weight a little and give it some airy resonance, maybe a brass trem block to give it that little bit of extra sustain might be the order of the day. It currently has a set of Fender TexMex pickups on it and they may be holding it back a little, making it perhaps too bright, and the remaining 57 from the set installed at the bridge might temper it a little.

Time will tell. There has been a trade off between the Brass Strat and this one but with amazing results. But once built they are never quite finished, and its nice to let them tell you what they need as you play them, and then let them evolve naturally into Great Guitars.

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