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A Return to Telecasters

So having done the Gibson P100 neck pickup implementation on the Black on Black Telecaster on it's initial build, I thought i'd try something a bit different. Through the auspices of ebay (once again) I managed to pick up a broken 1965 De Armond Rowe pickup, almost identical to the ones on the Harmony Meteor (see the senior moment post), except this was the slightly toppier silver foil rather than the gold foil. It was broken of course, so once again into Wild Guitars for their pickup guy to rewind it and I had myself a working unit.

A routing moment on a std pick guard was needed - must get a proper one made, but it will do for now as it's very much a knock about guitar and it fitted together easily enough.

The difference is remarkable and simply stunning tone and in the quest for the perfect left handed Tele certainly gives all of the others a good run for their money.

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