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A Couple of Builds over the Christmas Break

Updated: Apr 14, 2018

So in true "I knocked up this Tele" style over the Christmas break, these two came together.

The Black on Black ticked all of the boxes of the progression of the Quest for the prefect lefty/righty - Offset RH neck, P90 neck pickup and a Vintage Hot Rod bridge pickup and 4 way wiring. The big step on this one was a RH bridge route getting the pickup tone set correct. Exceeded what I thought it would do - it is just right in every way.

The Strat on the other hand is everything gone wrong. Its a throw together of parts lying around the shed as the R&D guitar. The machine heads are shot (as the originals were harvested for another guitar), the pickups are Alincos of unknown origin probably very cheap. The neck was put on using threaded bushes - the idea being that I could drop necks on and off without doing any damage apart from the neck damage installing it - the wood was too soft. End result is that the neck joint is only held on two bolts and the integrity is questionable. But you know what, I can't put it down - there is something about that guitar despite being so wrong is so absolutely right

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